BahTips for Playing Top-notch & Professional New88 Scratch Cards

New88.com scratch cards is an interesting online game that attracts a large number of bettors to participate. To easily win each bet, players need to be equipped with extensive skills and experience. Let’s join New88 Learn tips for playing quality scratch cards on the market.

Introducing a few features of the New88 scratch card game

Scratch card games at New88 are a way to relax online with a variety of different ways to play. The principle of playing scratch cards will be based on the difference and comparison of points between bettors in the game. Or compare the scores between the house and the players, aiming to find the winner. Each player will be dealt a hand consisting of 3 cards.

Summary of terms when playing New88 scratch cards

If you want to become a bettor in the world of 3-card scratch card games, mastering the terms will help you do the above. Therefore, players should refer to the information about the terms through the content below:

  • Steal the card: At the beginning of the scratch card betting game, many players have the right to choose to take the card or not take the card. In case there are many bettors competing to win or not win, the bookmaker’s automatic system will randomly select 1 member to be the dealer.
  • Place a bet: Here the house will have the right to enter the first bet or multiply the bet by 5 in the 5x betting room, or multiply the bet by 10 in the 10x betting room. At the end of the betting time, if the player does not make a selection, the system will automatically default to 1 bet.
  • Contributing plays: If there are enough participants in the New88 scratch card, they will choose to contribute plays or not to contribute plays, the capital to contribute is equivalent to 1 first bet. The player with the highest scratch card at the table will win and receive all the remaining members’ contributions.
  • View cards: After receiving the correct hand and all 3 cards, the bettor will calculate the total score.
  • Compare cards: Each time you play with the house position, you will compare the points with the house to determine the win or loss of each member.

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What outstanding advantages does New88 scratch card betting have?

The scratch card game at New88 has many outstanding strengths, attracting a large number of members to participate. We researched and summarized some typical strengths as follows:

  • The method of playing scratch cards is simple and easy. Rated as suitable for all participants.
  • Unlimited bets, many great rewards, and countless attractive promotions.
  • The process and operations of making financial betting transactions are the fastest and most convenient.

Instruct new players on the most basic way to play New88 scratch cards

For new players, whether you have mastered the steps of playing scratch cards online or do not yet have the ultimate method of playing scratch cards. Please refer to the detailed instructions below to know the rules of playing scratch cards at New88.
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New88 scratch card playing rules

The scratch card game will use a deck of 52 cards in accordance with market standards. Currently, there are many popular playing methods with different rules. However, card rake and turtle rake are used the most by many bettors.

  • Turtle Scratch: Players will be forced to place equal bets. When the cards are turned over, the player with the highest total score wins and receives all the bonuses. In case the score button is the same, the prize amount will be divided equally.
  • Scratch: The bettor and the dealer will contribute money and have the same task. The remaining members will be assigned to the lower house, and they will compare their scores with the house. If your house has a higher score than the dealer, your house wins and will receive a reward, and vice versa.

Calculate New88 scratch card score

The operations of calculating scratch card scores are very easy, almost every player can calculate and verify the score. The total score will be based on the value of the 3 cards the member owns as follows:

  • Card A (Ace) according to regulations will be counted as 1 point.
  • Cards starting from 2 to 10 will be counted according to the number of that card.
  • All cards with J, Q, K will be counted as 10 points.

A specific example is as follows: you have 3 cards of 6, 4, 7 respectively. By adding up these 3 cards, we get 17 points. Thus, the bettor will count this scratch card as having 7 points.

Discover top strategies when playing New88 scratch cards

This game will mostly rely on the element of luck to win, however if the player has a specific game plan it will help you increase your winning rate. Here are some top tips for playing scratch cards.

  • Blind shooting: This is a playing style used by many bettors and brings extremely high efficiency. You will carry out fake operations, to cause confusion and misunderstanding among other opponents.
  • Evenly distribute capital: When playing New88 scratch cards, please allocate capital into many different small parts to bet throughout the game. At the same time, based on the situation and developments at the table to determine the most appropriate plan to lower the bet.
  • Psychological deception: Gaming psychology – an indispensable factor for each bettor and his opponents. If the player grasps the psychology of the members in the betting game, it is like you have mastered the situation of the match.

Things to keep in mind when playing New88 scratch cards

Aims to minimize unnecessary situations that occur when participating in scratch card games at New88. Bettors should master the following basic notes:

  • Solid capital source: If you have solid financial resources, it will help you maintain your mentality. In case luck has not come, a stable source of money will help bettors go a long way and have the opportunity to win big.
  • Play when you’re in a good mood: Research shows that if you’re in a good mood, you’ll often have good luck. In addition, when the player is in a happy mood, it will help you have a better situation.
  • Specific playing plan: Before placing bets at the New88 scratch card game, you should create for yourself a specific playing strategy. It will help you cope with unexpected situations and playing the game according to plan will make it easier to win.
  • Master the game rules: Playing scratch cards online will require participants to always master the house’s rules of play. Therefore, please read these rules carefully to play the game conveniently.
  • Controlling betting capital: The issue of money in the betting process is always a problem that you need to learn to have the right direction. Create for yourself appropriate money control and betting habits.
  • Know when to stop: A game is fun when players know when to stop. Don’t play games too greedily, it will affect your health and life a lot.


Surely after reading the above information, you have accumulated a lot of useful things to apply in your playingNew88 scratch card. Wishing you good luck and successful betting in every game to bring high profits.

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