What is a spiritual lesson? How to play, what to note when you participate

What is a spiritual lesson? This is a form of entertainment that new players can find very confusing. In today’s article the experts of Kubet will help you better understand the concept of the spiritual lesson. From there, we provide useful advice and experience for players when participating.
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What is Lien card game?

What is a spiritual lesson? This is a very popular card game at casinos in Vietnam. This game is played in groups of 2 to 6 people and played on stakes. This form of entertainment uses a 52-card deck of cards as a game tool. The development speed of this game is very fast, the gameplay is simple. To play and win big, participants need to understand all the tricks when playing cards. 

What are the detailed rules of Lieng card game?

Game rules are a very important element in every game that you are familiar with. What are the basic rules of Bai Lieng? As follows:

According to the rules of the card game, a table has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 participants. This type of card is used as the main tool in the game which is 52 cards. In each turn, participants receive only 3 cards. Initially, you will bet a certain amount of money.

The player will receive additional bets, after receiving 3 cards. The bet will depend on the 3 cards received. The game will start with the dealer,… counterclockwise to the last participant. 

Players will be allowed to choose one of the following options:

  • Poker: If the player finds 3 good cards and has a high chance of winning. You have the option to increase and bet more money. 
  • Follow: The next player can choose to follow this player or not.
  • Exit: If the player exits the game, he will lose all previous bets.
  • All-in: Playing few hands when the participant thinks his or her hand has a high chance of winning. Note that in one round, the home bet can be played once per round. 

How to distinguish between winning and losing when playing cards?

To be able to distinguish between winning and losing in detail in What is Lieng? Players can track the information below:

  • Sap: On the map there will be three trees of equal value, of which Sap A is the largest and Sap 2 is the smallest. 
  • Lieng: This card consists of three consecutive cards, numbered from A to K. For sacred cards, the dealer accepts a combination of 3 consecutive cards Q, K, A and A, 2, 3. Which number is higher? The larger the combination, the stronger the combination. If the two groups are equal, qualitative comparisons will be made in the following order: (Coin) > (Checkers) > (Separation) > (Equity). 
  • Photos in Lieng What is Lieng Song? This is a deck full of cards that are easy to win, such as (J, Q, K). These types of cards are not counted as consecutive JQK threes, but are called pictures. The brothers in the same photo will consider the score to decide the winner or loser.
  • Some other cases: the total score of 3 cards is used for calculation. Cards from 2 to 10 will have points corresponding to the value of the card. However, cards J, Q, K are worth 10 points, cards A are worth 1 point. Among the four sacred animals, number 1 is the smallest and number 9 is the largest. If the Bettors score the same number of points, it will be considered a tie.

What are the things to note when playing Lieng cards?

What are the things to note when playing Bai Lieng? You need to pay attention to the following points to be able to win against other players:
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  • Apply the double betting method: Divide your capital into different parts to increase your chances of winning. This strategy helps increase your winning rate while adding more fun to the game. 
  • Set: Do this when the player has bad cards and cannot win a draw. But don’t overdo it, because when a participant has a good hand, it’s easy for the opponent to pick up the cards, making winning not smooth. 
  • Pay attention to choosing tables with many participants: According to the players’ long experience, choosing such tables the possibility of being cheated by the house is very low. Besides, if you bet on a crowded table, your odds of winning will be greater.
  • Use mind blowing tactics on other players. The bettor must behave like a person who cannot predict the actions of others. This will cause the opponent to fall into a subjective, unguarded state. From there use this opportunity to win big. 


Above is an article explaining the game What is sacred card?? for many brothers. Thereby, we hope that players can grasp the ways to play and pay attention while playing to get the best results. If you feel this article is useful for bettors, please regularly update our website to get good information every day. 

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