What is Jackpot fish shooting? Tips to always win when playing Jackpot Fishing

Jackpot fish shooting is an online reward game loved by many people, especially genuine shooters. So what are the rules of Jackpot online fish shooting? In the following article, we will share with you how to play, hunting tips and introduce the features of this hot hit game, follow along now!
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Introducing Jackpot Fish Shooting game

Released by JILI, Jackpot fish shooting Naturally the hottest hit game of 2023. With beautiful game graphics, vivid sound, diverse hunting features,… this game quickly became the top choice of many people. When joining, you can choose from 3 halls:

  • Hall of pleasure.
  • Hall of prosperity.
  • VIP lounge.

Jackpot fish shooting allows players to participate in receiving rewards from a series of symbols, features and special effects such as: Five-color dragon, five-color fish, Conservation Capacitor, Immortal King, Special Fish,… The gift value is 1000X larger so you can comfortably hunt every day.

Jackpot Fishing gives players more than 20+ free weapons and fish shooting items. Additionally, you can refill your energy to activate wide-area hunting mode. Most especially, anyone who participates will have the opportunity to immediately win millions of gold coins from 3 super hot Jackpot prizes.

Learn details about Jackpot Fish Shooting game

Let’s learn more about the game Jackpot fish shooting Extremely detailed below. This will help you get the bonus the first time you join.

How does Jackpot fish shooting provide fish coefficients?

  • Special fish: 20 – 30X, 30 – 40X to 40 – 50X.
  • Regular fish: 2X to 35X
  • Golden angelfish: 50X.
  • Golden clownfish: 55X.
  • Golden stingray: 60X.
  • Golden shark: 80X – 160X to 240X
  • Conqueror Ink: 60X – 120X to 180X.
  • Five-colored dragon: 160X – 240X to 320X.
  • Five-colored fish: 66X – 88X to 168X (Extremely high reward).

Notable weapons and features

  • Conservation Capacitor: When Conservation Capacitor appears, you will have the opportunity to receive consecutive rewards worth X3.
  • Great Reward: Greater reward ~888X
  • Torpedo: Choose Torpedo to exchange artillery, each shot will deduct X6 from the bet.
  • Free electric shock cannon: Attack fish to accumulate energy. When enough energy is available, the player can use it to cause electric shock damage in a wide range. After 3 minutes of full energy, the system will automatically activate.

What functions does Jackpot Fishing provide?

  • Lightning Shark: After killing, shock nearby fish and trigger a lightning chain, the target will explode.
  • Torpedo Crab: After killing the fish, throw the Torpedo into any three areas, you will have a chance to catch the fish immediately.
  • Sea Anemone: Once destroyed, creates a whirlpool that can trap fish within range.

Bonus system in Jackpot Fish Shooting game

The Jackpot Fishing reward system is relatively attractive with 3 jackpot prizes as follows:

Speed Jackpot:

  • Bets of 0.2K or more will have a chance to activate.
  • Bets of 2K or more reward multiple times.

Lucky Jackpot:

  • Bets of 0.8K or more will have a chance to activate.
  • Bets of 2K or more reward multiple times.

JILI Jackpot:

  • Bets of 5K or more will have a chance to activate.
  • Bet from 10K or more to receive double rewards.
  • Bets of 80K or more receive additional multiplier rewards.

Free feature

Game Jackpot fish shooting offers players 3 free available features below:

  • Lock: Directly shoot bullets at the target and ignore surrounding prey.
  • Torpedo: Switching to this mode, you can take down targets faster.
  • Auto: Set this feature for the prey you select.

Instructions for playing Jackpot Fish Shooting at Nhà cái uy tín

Here are the directions to play Jackpot fish shooting At Nhà cái uy tín you can refer to:

  • Step 1: AccessNhà cái uy tín Link to the official homepage.
  • Step 2: Register or Log in to your Nhà cái uy tín member account.
  • Step 3: Players need to deposit at least 50K into their betting wallet.
  • Step 4: Enter the Fish Shooting lobby.
  • Step 5: Select NPH JILI.
  • Step 6: Find a game Jackpot fish shooting and click join now.

Why should you play Jackpot Fishing at Nhà cái uy tín?

Right below are some reasons why you should play Jackpot fish shooting at Nhà cái uy tín.
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Nhà cái uy tín organizes a series of extremely hot fish shooting promotions

During the process of playing the Jackpot Fishing game, you can receive a series of rewardsNhà cái uy tín promotion Extremely hot only available at Nhà cái uy tín. Besides the welcome offer of up to 128,000,000 VND, players can also easily receive super bargain gifts from the house through the super hot events below:

  • Introduce friends to play fish shooting and receive lifetime commissions.
  • The prize fish shooting tournament is worth more than 8 billion VND.
  • Receive a free code for 888,000 VND, a great deal.
  • Unlimited 100% bet refund insurance every day.

Simulate the super satisfying Jackpot fish shooting game

When playing Jackpot Fishing at Nhà cái uy tín, you will be immersed in an ocean world with extremely satisfying 3D design. During the process of hunting for rewards, all operations are extremely smooth, giving members the most seamless and wonderful entertainment experience.

You can have entertainment right on the super convenient Nhà cái uy tín APP

Download APP Nhà cái uy tín to your phone immediately, you will definitely have moments of play Jackpot fish shooting Extremely engaging and dramatic. The entertainment application we release is fully compatible with Android and iOS, so you can install it immediately.

Revealing tips to win big when playing Jackpot Fish Shooting

To win while playing Jackpot fish shooting, you need to understand some extremely accurate playing tips below.

Choose flexible hunting weapons

During the game Jackpot Fishing, you need to choose flexible hunting weapons. For example, if you see a boss fish, to avoid accidentally shooting at another target, you can choose the freeze feature. This will help you minimize unnecessary wastage of bullets.

Don’t focus too much on boss fish

Although it gives players a great chance to win money, boss fish can also make you waste bullets because you can’t defeat them. Instead, when playing Jackpot fish shooting, you should pay attention to goals such as: Big fish, fish swimming in schools,… to be able to improve your coin bag.

Access the correct level to play Jackpot Fishing

Depending on your reward hunting skills, access the game room accordingly. If you join game rooms that only have experts, you may fall into a situation of losing capital, not being able to hunt fish, or even not being able to accumulate more hunting skills for yourself.

Consider carefully when using the automatic fire feature

When playing Jackpot fish shooting, you need to consider carefully before using the automatic shooting feature. Auto Spin mode is only effective when you have extra coins and bullets to hunt continuously. If you don’t want to waste money, limit the use of automatic fire to avoid having to recharge.

Frequently asked questions when playing Jackpot Fishing game

Below are some frequently asked questions when playing the Jackpot Fishing game that you can refer to.

Does Nhà cái uy tín offer free fish shooting game mode?

Nhà cái uy tín completely offers a free fish shooting game mode for you to choose to access and get acquainted with before participating.

Can I withdraw money immediately after playing Jackpot Fish Shooting?

Any member can play Jackpot Fishing and withdraw money instantly.

Participate in gaming Jackpot fish shooting At Nhà cái uy tín every day, a series of opportunities to receive Jackpot rewards are coming closer to you. Currently, Nhà cái uy tín is one of the gaming addressesShoot fish and get prizes Most sought after by many people today.

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