Unexpected Reason – The landmark was the Greek island of Amorgos.

Amorgos, a beautiful island in Greece, has recently been a popular online trend. But it’s not because of its natural beauty or private beaches. It is also known online as ” 25th Island of Greece.”

The Cycladic island search is over. It has nothing to do a booking of a summer vacation or with a new interest in the Greek islands.

Amorgos is not a meme. Its links to a popular videogame have made it a meme.

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Online experts noticed Amorgos references all over the internet and linked search to the meme on Twitter, where users encourage each other search for “25th Island in Greece”.

Amorgos ranks 25th on the list of Greek islands by size. A meme is a game that is based on the name Amorgos. It is thought to be similar to “Among Us.”

Amorgos has been in trend because it sounds like “Among Us”.

Although “Among Us” was released in 2018, it became a huge hit last spring. It allowed people who were bored to escape to new activities and games.

A group of astronauts travels around a rocket ship, performing low-level tasks. However, there is a fraud within the crew who want to destroy the safety of the ship and kill its crew.

Each time a player passes away, the entire team (which may include strangers from around the globe) meets to discuss the cheater and vote for them.

The cheater should attempt to fool the entire team by hiding under the radar or blaming someone else.

The fraudster continues to do this until he kills all other employees, or is found and expelled from the ship.

Social media users have noticed clues to the game’s popularity, including names that are similar to their own or situations that recall the symbolic numbers of team member.

The 25th Greek island

Amorgos was a popular tourist attraction after it was featured in “The Big Blue” in the 1980s.

It is a fictional drama about two freelancers who compete in a sports competition.

Amorgos, more than 30 years after “The Big Blue”, was again the center of the international movement in 2020. The film was based on Nana Neul, a German director and author. After the country’s first ban in Greece, this was one of the first international integrations that resumed.

Although tourism is steadily growing, the local characteristics of the island are limiting the number of tourist attractions. You can only reach it by boat. The three main tourist attractions are Katapola and Aegiali.

Chora, the capital of Amorgos is found in the interior at 350 feet (1,148 foot) above the island’s center. It is a fortified city with narrow streets and churches, white Cycladic homes, and narrow streets. Chora surrounds this castle, which was built in the 13th Century.

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