Forest City Development – A Global Real Estate Powerhouse

Forest City Development stands as a major development project undertaken by Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd, in partnership with Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd. This ambitious venture aims to create a thriving urban landscape that sets new standards in real estate and city planning.

Country Garden Pacificview – a leading master developer

Country Garden Pacificview is recognized as a leading master developer and real estate joint venture. With expertise in constructing and operating green, ecological, and smart cities around the world, the company brings its vast experience to the development of Forest City. It places a strong emphasis on creating affordable housing options, complete community facilities, and comfortable residential environments for residents.

Forest City – a model for sustainable development

Forest City serves as a model for sustainable development within Malaysia’s Iskandar Development Region. By integrating business, finance, tourism, culture, and entertainment, Forest City creates a vibrant and interconnected community. Its innovative approach has garnered recognition at international events and has influenced global urban planning practices, setting new benchmarks for sustainable urbanization.

Global reach and expansion

Country Garden’s global presence extends beyond Forest City. The company actively promotes urban civilization across borders and collaborates with elites and talents from various countries. With expansion efforts in countries like Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Country Garden implements its successful community construction practices and contributes to the development of urban landscapes worldwide.

Forest City as a global real estate powerhouse

Forest City Development positions Country Garden Pacificview as a prominent player in the global real estate market. The company’s achievements are reflected in the scale and success of its residential property sales and construction projects. Its contributions to the growth of the real estate industry are evident, and it remains committed to social causes, demonstrating a holistic approach to development.


Forest City Development, spearheaded by Country Garden Pacificview, has established itself as a global real estate powerhouse. Through its expertise in sustainable development, extensive reach, and commitment to creating exceptional living environments, Forest City stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to shaping the future of urban landscapes. With its continued success, Forest City Enterprises is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global real estate industry.

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