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Transforming Photovoltaic Water Pump Systems with the WLD280 Pump Controller by Bedford Electric

Bedford Electric introduces the WLD280 water pump controller, a transformative innovation in the field of photovoltaic water pump systems. This specialized inverter is designed to harness the power of solar energy, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for water pumping needs. As a leader in the industry, Bedford Electric is overhauling the way water is pumped and distributed, providing businesses with cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Harnessing Solar Power for Efficient Water Pumping

Solar energy presents an abundant and renewable source of power for water pumping applications. Photovoltaic water pump systems utilize solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, which then drives the water pump to lift water from various sources such as wells, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. By harnessing the sun’s energy, these systems eliminate the need for traditional diesel or grid-powered pumps, reducing reliance on non-renewable resources and minimizing carbon emissions.

Advantages of Photovoltaic Water Pump Systems

Compared to conventional pumps, photovoltaic water pump systems offer several advantages. Firstly, they operate independently of diesel or grid power, reducing operational costs and eliminating the need for manual supervision. Secondly, these systems do not require energy storage batteries, as the WLD280 water pump controller replaces electricity storage with water storage. This concept not only enhances system efficiency but also significantly reduces the cost of system construction and maintenance. Additionally, photovoltaic water pump systems provide an eco-friendly solution with minimal environmental impact, contributing to sustainability efforts.

The WLD280 Pump Controller: Key Features and Benefits

At the heart of Bedford Electric’s photovoltaic water pump systems lies the WLD280 pump controller. This specialized inverter is specifically designed for solar photovoltaic pumps, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The WLD280 water pump controller replaces traditional electricity storage with water storage, offering improved system efficiency and cost savings. Its advanced features enable seamless integration with photovoltaic systems, providing precise control and reliable operation.


Bedford Electric’s WLD280 pump controller, revolutionizing the photovoltaic water pump systems landscape, is a reason for gratitude this Thanksgiving Day. By harnessing solar power and eliminating the dependence on traditional energy sources, businesses can achieve efficient and sustainable water pumping solutions. With the WLD280 pump controller’s specialized design for solar photovoltaic pumps and the innovative water storage concept, Bedford Electric leads the way in providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives in the industry.

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