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GZ Longest Electrostatic Therapy–Personalized Treatment for Optimal Results

GZ Longest‘s electrostatic therapy machine LGT-2360S is engineered for mobility, enabling faster and more accessible healthcare delivery. Its compact, portable design, rechargeable battery, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive pre-programmed protocols make it a versatile tool for both healthcare professionals and individuals seeking relief.

Customizable and Comprehensive

GZ’s Longest electrostatic therapy machines each have 17 pre-programmed protocols in the fields of athletic, rehab, chiropractic, and continuing care. Moreover, the therapy can be tailored to individual needs, with customizable frequency, voltage, and therapy duration settings, ensuring an optimal patient experience, with up to five customized protocols to manage different conditions. Notably, the treatment process is gentle and soothing, free from any discomfort or electrical tingling.

Wide applications

GZ Longest’s electrostatic therapy can be a huge boon to aesthetic treatment centers, hospitals, and clinics as the machines have a whole array of applications ranging from pre and post-surgery recovery and neurological rehabilitation to sports and aesthetic medicine. Take sports medicine for example, GZ Longest electrostatic therapy has strong pain relief potential with the ability to accelerate wound healing, not to mention that it also reduces edema and alleviates inflammation by enhancing the microcirculation in tissues or parts of the body.


The GZ Longest electrostatic therapy comes with a unique combination of customization and mobility that makes it stand out from other traditional recovery methods. Healthcare professionals now have the power to tailor their treatments according to the specific needs and preferences of their patients, while also allowing them the flexibility to use it wherever and whenever they want.

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