New88 Blackjack – Super Simple Betting and Big Wins

New88.com blackjack is one of the most popular online betting games by many gamers in 2021. Do you know the details about this super interesting game? Let’s take a look at how to play blackjack online for prizes at  New88 info right below.

What is   New88 blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games played in our country. In particular, this card game is played by a large number of bettors every Tet holiday. With a deck of 52 cards, each person is dealt 2 cards or even more.

The goal of playing blackjack is to have the total number of cards in hand close to 21 points or the score will be higher than the dealer’s score. Because this card game has extremely easy rules, most bookmakers offer this card game in their game portals. Among them, the most prominent is the   New88 Blackjack card game that is loved by many betting gamers.

Why should you play Blackjack at   New88?

Betting is the same everywhere, you also have to carefully learn the information about the house. Here is some information explaining why you should play   New88 Blackjack that you can refer to:

The quality of the most prestigious bookmaker

Bookmaker   New88 is the best bookmaker today, because in each forum and article there is specific information. Coming to this bookmaker, you will be able to participate in safe online betting with information security. Besides, the bookmaker is also one of the few bookmakers at the present time that owns a betting license.

Safe and secure transactions

Safe in information security as well as deposit and withdrawal of bets for customers. When participating in   New88 Blackjack betting here, your personal information will never be leaked out. Besides, thanks to the connection with the bank, e-wallets are always in a state of absolute security. You can easily make deposit/withdrawal transactions at any time.

Vivid playing experience

The   New88 bookie system gives gamers a realistic and vivid feeling like playing online betting in real life. Because the website interface is designed to be simple and easy to operate. Especially for those who are betting for the first time, it is easy to get used to the interface quickly. Every game is lively, especially the   New88 Blackjack card game.

Some common terms when playing Blackjack at   New88

The terms used in the   New88 Blackjack card game are similar to how to play in real life. As follows:

  • Odd cards: The total score of the cards is less than 16 points.
  • Odd cards: The total score of the cards ranges from 16 to 21 points.
  • Quartet: The total number of points of the larger cards is 21 points.
  • Five Spirits: In case you have drawn a maximum of 3 additional cards and have a smaller total score of 5 cards of 21 points. .
  • Withdraw: When you want to draw more cards from the dealer, each person is only allowed to draw 3 times maximum.
  • Stop: You do not draw more cards when you feel you have enough points.

Some tips for playing   New88 Blackjack to win quickly and win big

To be able to receive many wins when playing   New88 Blackjack, in addition to basic knowledge, players are required to have the following strategies:
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Have a specific card playing strategy

When entering the casino, players will need to comply with the regulations regarding the initial capital amount. Specifically, you can absolutely participate with an initial capital of 1 million, 2 million or even 5 million. However, you need to be careful not to expand your capital after you run out of bets.

Do not split 2 cards

If in your hand you own 2 cards among the cards 10, J, Q, K, A, then you are not allowed to separate those cards. Because when you own 2 cards, the score is equivalent to 20 points, enough for you to win the bet.

Betting knows when to stop

When you have lost 50% of your capital, you should choose to stop playing to avoid losing your entire initial capital. Next, you should limit your playing time. You should only play for 1 to 2 hours. After that period of time, regardless of whether you win or lose, you need to stop playing at the right time.


  New88 blackjack is truly an attractive card game, with the most participating players today. You just need to learn carefully about the rules and how to play to be sure of winning. Currently,   New88 is having attractive promotions for new members. Hurry up and register now for a chance to get rich!

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