FIFA Standard Football Field Size for 5,7,9 and 11 People

Until now, the regulation on football field size will vary depending on the number of players participating. However, besides that, there are still general rules about the size of football fields.

So what are the specific sizes and rules? As a football lover, please follow the following article immediately Nhà cái New88 To grasp these basic knowledge!

Soccer field size for 5 players

The size of a mini soccer field will be used in Futsal and usually takes place indoors. According to FIFA regulations, the standard size of a soccer field for 5 people is rectangular.

In particular, the length of the yard will be greater than the width. Detail:

  • The maximum length of the yard is 42m and minimum 25m.
  • The width of the yard for 5 people is 25m maximum and 15m minimum is 15m.

In addition, the 5-person soccer field also has standards such as:

  • About the limit line: Clearly drawn with a width of 8cm. In the middle of the limit line, a point will be taken as the center and a circle with a radius of 3m will be drawn around it.
  • Penalty area: Calculated from the horizontal lines of the field, take the foot of the 2 vertical posts of the goal as the center and draw a ¼ circle with a radius of 6m in the field. Connecting the end points of the two quarter arcs of the circle will create a parallel segment 3.16m long.
  • Goal frame: Consists of 2 vertical columns perpendicular to the field surface and 3m apart, connected by a parallel horizontal beam 2m above the field surface. The size of the horizontal column is 8cm along with the width and thickness of the vertical column.

Size of the football field for 7 and 9 people

A soccer field for 7 – 9 people will usually be an outdoor field with a surface made of artificial grass, rarely using natural grass. The size of a football field for 7 – 9 people according to FIFa standards is:

  • Minimum length 50m, maximum 75m.
  • The minimum size of width is 40m and maximum 55m.
  • The half-court boundary line is drawn horizontally, dividing the field into two equal halves.
  • The limit line will be no larger than 12cm wide.
  • In the middle of the half-court line, take a point as the center and draw a circle with a radius of 6m.

The goal area is calculated from the point 5m from the goal post at the boundary of each field, drawn inside two parallel and perpendicular lines 5m long, and drawn a line connecting the two ends of that line.

The goal is located in the center of each goal line. The 2 vertical posts are 6m apart from the 2 corner flag posts.

Standard football field size for 11 people

According to FIFA standards, the size of a football field for 11 people is rectangular, the length is larger than the width. The field surface can use natural or artificial grass.
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All dimensions, positions and areas of the stage are specified in football rules. Specifically, the area of ​​an 11-person football field is determined according to the types of fields as follows:

For normal football fields

  • The minimum length of the football field is 90m and the maximum is 120m.
  • The minimum width of the yard is 45m and maximum is 90m.

For football fields for international competitions

  • Fixed length is 105m.
  • Fixed width is 68m.

Area of ​​football field = Length x Width.

According to the standards of international competition fields, the fixed field area is 7,140m2

Perimeter of the football field

Football field perimeter = (Length + Width) x2

According to international stadium standards, the perimeter of a fixed soccer field is 346m.

Football field standards

The following are the immutable standards of a football field for international matches that we have learned and included in a popular article for players who are passionate about this entertainment subject to refer to. and master knowledge.

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Limit lines

In a soccer field, there will be lines to divide the area called limit lines. The boundary lines in the yard must not be wider than 12cm.

On the field, there will be 2 length-limit lines called vertical boundaries. The two remaining lines that limit width are called horizontal lines.

Radius of the center circle of the football field

The lines drawn parallel to the width to divide the field into 2 equal parts are called the center lines. In the middle there will be a breakfast spot.

The center area of ​​the field has a circle with a standard radius of 9m15 and is drawn from the center point on the field line.

Penalty area

The penalty area is the area where players can take penalty kicks. This area is 16m5 long from the point away from the goal post on the upper line of each field.

Draw inside two lines parallel and perpendicular to the goal line, with a length of 16m5, draw a line connecting those two lines.

The area will be limited by those straight lines and the goal line to form the penalty area.

Goal area

The soccer field size of the goal area for 11 people is 5m50 long.

Calculated from the point 5m50 away from the goal post at the horizontal line of the 2 parts of the field drawn to the inside of 2 parallel and perpendicular lines to the goal line.

That area is called the goal area and is limited by straight lines and goal lines.


The standard size of a goal according to international standards is:

  • Width: 7.32m
  • Height: 2.44m

However, in Vietnamese football, the goal will have a narrower width with dimensions of:

  • Width: 7.12m
  • Height: 2.4m


The goal (Goal) needs to be securely attached to the ground. Usually, you will have to choose to go underground with a depth of 50cm to 100cm.

Assembled goals can also be used if safety criteria are met.

Corner flagpole

Each soccer field will need to have a corner flagpole with a minimum height of 1m50 and must not have a pointed tip.

Corner kick arc

The corner arc is ¼ of a circle centered on a corner flagpole with a radius of 1m. This corner arc will be the position to place the ball when kicking corner kicks.

5 regulations on soccer field size

  • Regulation 1: All goal posts need to be secured and checked before the match takes place. If the crossbar is misaligned or broken, the match must be paused for replacement and repair.
  • Regulation 2: The cross-section of vertical columns and horizontal beams can be square, circular, rectangular or oval and must ensure safety. If the vertical columns or horizontal beams are made of wood or other metal materials, permission from the Law Council is required before they can be used.
  • Regulation 3: All equipment such as nets, goals, and flagpoles must not be equipped with cameras or microphones. Commercial advertising forms are not allowed inside the yard, or in technical areas or limited roads.
  • Rule 4: Symbols of FIFA, football federations or clubs are not allowed on the field when the match starts.
  • Regulation 5: Outside the playing field, there must be a straight line perpendicular to the goal line and 9.5m from the corner flagpole. This line is used to determine the legal standing position of the player when the opponent takes a corner kick.

In addition to the above 5 regulations, there are also a number of other regulations such as:

  • Height of field grass: The length of grass on the field is 25-30mm. The grass will often be cut from side to side to create stripes in the yard. That helps the referee detect ball points more easily.
  • Drainage system: The field area needs to have a drainage system installed underneath to best support the match. Avoid heavy rain that causes the yard to be filled with water.

Refer to the football field size of 11 famous people

A fairly popular football field size among the world’s top clubs is 105x68m, which is a recommendation from UEFA. Here are some famous stadiums with the following sizes:

  • Old Trafford: 105 x 68m 
  • Emirates Stadium: 105 x 68 m
  • San Siro: 105 x 68 m
  • Wembley: 105 x 68 m
  • Maracanã: 105 x 68 m
  • Stamford Bridge: 103 x 67 m
  • Allianz Arena: 105 x 68 m
  • Anfield: 101 x 68 m
  • Old Trafford: 105 x 68 m
  • Wembley: 105 x 68 m


Above is all the knowledge about the most standard football field sizes for 5, 7, 9 and 11 people according to FIFA. Hopefully this article has helped you understand and understand some specific standards of a large football field.

As a soccer lover, don’t hesitate to spend some time following New88 to learn about this useful knowledge!

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