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ESD Acoustic: Transforming China’s Hi-End Biggest Speaker Market

Renowned for its unmatched research, production, and marketing skills, ESD Acoustic is a trailblazing force in China’s rapidly expanding high-end speaker sector. As an officially recognized National Hi-tech Enterprise, the brand uses innovations in technology and accomplishments to upend foreign monopolies, solidifying its position as one of the biggest speaker brands.

Shaking Up Industries and Breaking Boundaries

ESD Acoustic’s inventiveness wins praise at major audio shows across the world. Notably, it won the prestigious title of “Best in Show” at the Munich Hi End Show 2019 and the New York Audio Show 2018, with support from prominent trade magazines like Stereophile and Audiophile. In addition to highlighting the brand’s dedication to quality, these honors also establish new benchmarks in the highly competitive biggest speaker industry.

Prominent Clientele and Partnerships

ESD Acoustic maintains its standing as a leading player in the field of the largest speaker brands thanks to the support of notable clients like Jack Ma and Ji Hui Li. Engagements in joint ventures with prominent personalities such as CCTV’s Xiaopei Li highlight their dedication to creativity and quality. These collaborations help the brand become more well-known while also opening the door for ground-breaking developments in audio technology.

Motivating Resilience and Reaching New Heights

Boyu Xia, the winner of the Laureus World Sports Awards, is the spokesperson for ESD Acoustic and personifies the company’s tenacity and will. His incredible achievement of climbing Mount Everest on artificial legs represents the brand’s persistent commitment to excellence, striking a chord with fans all over the world. ESD Acoustic encourages others to push limits and attain new heights of success through his inspirational journey.


ESD Acoustic is a leading innovator and high-quality speaker manufacturer in China’s largest high-end speaker market. As one of the top speaker brands in the world, it continues to excite fans and set new standards with an unwavering drive to pushing limits. As it proceeds with its innovative journey, ESD Acoustic is still in a position to influence the direction of the biggest speaker industry.

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