What’s cell food?

Cellfood is a nutritional supplement. Cellfood is not a prescription medication.

Cellfood is an Ionic formula with 78 Ionic minerals, 34 enzymes electrolytes and 17 amino acids. Cellfood uses a unique water-splitting technique. Cellfood provides an unbeatable supply and delivery system for nutrients. It is easily absorbed by all the cells of the body. Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates cells and feeds them, improving and cleaning up the system every day. dr. sebi is a natural product derived from plants. It contains no gluten and no yeast.

Oxygen controls the body’s functions. Scientists have discovered that oxygen deficiency at the cellular level is responsible for most illnesses and ailments. Cellfood, which is a new source of hydrogen and oxygen, is the most powerful. It provides a variety of supplements that can be used to improve our endurance, energy levels, and overall health.

Cellfood was created by Everett L. Storey and is a unique formulation of super-energized minerals colloidal concentrated. Cellfood’s Dibase Dipole Deuterium Sulfate provides an exceptional transport system and oxygen supply to your body at the level of a single cell. This award-winning formula naturally delivers the highest levels possible of hydrogen and oxygen, even if it is in supplement form. It enhances endurance, energy, overall health, and overall well-being.

Cellfood is the only company that can break down water molecules into the nascent hydrogen and the oxygen that is currently forming. Its technology of water “splitting” technology permits the release of oxygen and hydrogen gases simultaneously, in the chain reaction, which requires one five-hundred-thousandths of the available moisture at once.

Last word

Water splitting is achieved by altering and weakening electron bonds (ionic transfer), within water molecules toward hydrogen and away oxygen. Cellfood allows the electron distribution to become non-symmetrical (polar) bonds. Water molecules could be described as Dipoles, with oxygen acting as a negative pole and hydrogen atom acting on a positive pole.

Cellfood is the most well-known high-performance, oxygen- and hydrogen-based high performance health product. Cellfood has provided safe nutritional benefits and no toxic side effects since its inception.

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