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DNL Heavy Trailer Jack: Innovative Design for Effortless Operation and Enhanced Stability

DNL, a renowned brand in the industry, offers heavy trailer jacks that combine innovative design with exceptional performance. Their commitment to quality and user experience shines through in every aspect of their products. With features such as the space-saving foldable crank and ergonomic knob, DNL heavy trailer jacks are designed to make operation effortless and convenient. The concise bracket and tri-corn rim are dedicated to effective and efficient design, ensuring stability and reliability in various applications.

Space-Saving Foldable Crank for Enhanced Convenience

They have introduced a space-saving foldable crank in their heavy trailer jack design. This ingenious structure not only enhances the firmness of the jack but also minimizes space requirements when retracted. The foldable crank operates silently, without any clicking noise, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. This innovative feature allows users to save valuable storage space while enjoying the benefits of a sturdy and reliable heavy trailer jack.

Ergonomic Knob and Concise Bracket for Effortless Operation and Strength

The heavy trailer jack wheel from DNL features an ergonomic knob specially designed to provide users with the best operating experience. This thoughtful design ensures ease of use and reduces the feeling of tiredness during extended operation. Additionally, the concise bracket represents DNL’s commitment to effective and efficient design. Its simplicity is matched by increased strength, highlighting their innovative approach to the jockey wheel for horse trailers.


DNL’s heavy trailer jack stands out in the market due to its simple yet strong design philosophy. The emphasis on simplicity contributes to the overall strength and reliability of the product. Furthermore, the tri-corn rim design enhances the heavy trailer jack is stability, ensuring secure and stable performance in various applications. With features like the space-saving foldable crank, ergonomic knob, and concise bracket, DNL has created a heavy trailer jack that offers effortless operation and enhanced convenience. Experience the innovation and reliability of DNL heavy trailer jacks today for a seamless towing experience.

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