It’s difficult enough to cope with severe illness or an accident. But, securing government-provided benefits may increase the stress. A Phoenix disability attorney is responsible for explaining to clients the differences between Supplemental Security Income and Disability Benefits Insurance. You must be able to understand the benefits of each program and what assistance you might be eligible for in order to make informed decisions.


Although both programs are administered by the Social Security System, there are important differences between SSDI (and SSI). SSDI is a type of insurance that provides benefits to those who have contributed enough through payroll taxes. SSI, a federal program that provides financial assistance for the severely disabled, is administered by the federal government.

What is the SSDI?

A Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorney will help you obtain the benefits that you need to protect your family’s financial security. We handle all aspects of these claims, including:

  • Affiliate

A person must have earned a minimum number of work credits to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Each year, a maximum of four credits can be earned. Many benefits are available to people who have 40 work credits or more. These credits must be acquired within the last decade. For younger workers with less job experience, you may be able to make allowances.

  • A Set Of Pre-Requisites

SSDI benefits are available to anyone whose physical condition makes it impossible for them to work for at most 12 months. The Social Security Administration divides specific qualifying medical conditions into 14 categories. We will review your case and determine if there are any applicable criteria.

  • Many Advantages

There is no set benefit amount for SSDI participants. Your earnings and your payroll taxes will determine the amount you receive. There is a yearly cap on the monthly total payment. The maximum monthly payment for 2021 is $3148

In most cases, payments are made for as long the claimant is unable to return to work or retire. After a thorough review of your case, the claim will be handled.

What is SSI?

Contrary to SSDI, the Supplemental Security Income program can be applied for by any disabled person, regardless of their job history. These benefits are available to disabled people, blind or 65-year-olds who are unable to support their own financial needs. The assets of a single person are limited to $2,000 and the investment public for a couple is limited to $3,000. Our lawyers can help you determine your eligibility for SSI benefits based on these criteria as well as the income restrictions of Social Security Administration.

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It is uncertain that a disabled person will be eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits, even if they meet the eligibility criteria. More than 60% of initial claims are rejected by both schemes. Firms help make applying for disability benefits as easy as possible by explaining the eligibility criteria, collecting the necessary medical documentation, and properly submitting the paperwork.


If you need assistance applying for Supplemental Security Income or Disability Benefits Insurance, contact the Law Office Phoenix in Phoenix. If your claim has been denied, you can email or call them to discuss your legal rights.

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