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Solar Power :SZJ Automation’s Innovative PV Solutions

SZJ Automation offers a range of high-performance equipment designed to enhance production efficiency. By integrating SZJ Automation’s advanced equipment, businesses can achieve optimized PV solutions while meeting industry requirements.

Enhanced Efficiency and Throughput with Advanced Equipment Parameters

SZJ Automation’s PV solutions equipment ensures enhanced efficiency and optimized throughput. With an annual throughput of 800MW/year, businesses can achieve exceptional productivity. The machine operating rate of ≥98% minimizes downtime, allowing for continuous production and maximizing output. Additionally, the equipment can handle modules weighing up to 45kg/pcs, accommodating various module sizes and configurations.

Reliable Performance and Breakage Prevention for Cost-Effective Solutions

SZJ Automation’s PV solutions equipment prioritizes reliable performance and cost-effective production. The equipment’s noise level of ≤80dbA ensures a quieter working environment, promoting productivity and employee well-being. Moreover, the module breakage rate of less than 1/10000 minimizes material wastage and increases overall production yield, contributing to cost savings.


SZJ Automation’s advanced PV solutions equipment empowers businesses to optimize their manufacturing processes and achieve cost-effective solutions. The equipment’s parameters, such as annual throughput, machine operating rate, maximum module weight, noise level, and module breakage rate, ensure enhanced efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. By integrating SZJ Automation’s equipment, businesses can streamline their production, meet industry requirements, and achieve excellence in PV solutions.

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