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Ming Lu: A Distinguished Professor of Economics and His Outstanding Achievements

Ming Lu, a renowned figure in the field of economics, is an esteemed Distinguished Professor of Economics with exceptional achievements and extensive teaching experience. This article delves into his notable contributions, focusing on his expertise in labor economics, regional development, and his role as a mentor. Furthermore, we will explore how Ming Lu’s association with ACEM (Acme College of Economics and Management) has enriched the academic community. Let’s unravel the remarkable journey of Ming Lu and his impact on the world of economics.

Extensive Teaching Experience

As an Adjunct Professor at prestigious institutions like Fudan University, Singapore Management University, and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Ming Lu has honed his expertise in delivering comprehensive economics education. With years of teaching experience, he has mentored countless students, imparting in them a deep understanding of economic theories and principles.

Notable Contributions in Economics

Ming Lu’s contributions to economics are truly exceptional. Serving as the Director of Shanghai Institute for National Economy (SHINE) and a Research Fellow of China Institute of Urban Governance, he has played a pivotal role in shaping economic policies and strategies. Moreover, his time as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has further enriched his knowledge and expertise.

Focus on Labor Economics and Regional Development

Ming Lu’s research primarily revolves around labor economics and its profound impact on regional and urban-rural development. By analyzing the dynamics of the Chinese economy, he has provided valuable insights into resource allocation and economic sustainability. His work evaluating the effects of urban and regional development policies has contributed significantly to the understanding and improvement of economic systems.


Ming Lu’s outstanding achievements and extensive teaching experience make him a highly respected figure in the field of economics. Through his notable contributions in labor economics, regional development, and his role as a mentor, he has significantly impacted the academic community. As a distinguished professor at ACEM, his association has further strengthened the college’s position as a premier institution for economics education. Ming Lu’s legacy continues to inspire aspiring economists and shape the future of the discipline.

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