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Hermetix, the Most Reliable Glass to Metal Seal Manufacturer

Hermetix is proud to be the premier supplier among glass to metal seal manufacturers in Shanghai, serving distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. As one of the best Glass to Metal Seal Manufacturers, our team has extensive knowledge of every production stage and inspection standard thanks to our nearly two and a half decades of experience in the field.

Sealing Glass to Metal: A Practical Explanation

At the core of our products is a method of creating a hermetic seal between glass and metal that may be used in a variety of contexts. The long-term reliability of sensitive electronic devices depends on this method of gluing glass and metal components to establish a gas-tight seal. Our engineers have mastered the nuances of this procedure and are always thinking outside the box to create better sealing methods.

Why Hermetix is the Best Glass to Metal Seal Manufacturer

1.Build Relationships and Domain Knowledge

Our established relationships with the best American factories mean that we can confidently choose the one that will bring your project to life at the lowest possible cost. These partnerships ensure timely and individual attention for tailored projects, in addition to providing access to a wide range of open tooling items.

2.Tailored Answers and Help

Hermetix’s engineering staff collaborates directly with you throughout the research and development phase, providing insightful feedback on material choices, design iterations, and ways to cut costs. The success of your project’s commercialization can be greatly aided by the individualized attention you’ll receive here.

  1. Wide Selection of Goods

The Military Mil-Spec (MIL-SPEC) Series, the Gold-Tin Lid Series, the Ceramic Packages, and the Traditional Civilian Series are all available from our company. With this diverse offering, we can meet the requirements of a wide range of markets and sectors, giving our customers access to the best product for their needs.


As a concluding thought, Hermetix is unlike any other glass to metal seal manufacturers because of its dedication to providing superior hermetic packages to B-end clients. Agents and dealers may put their trust in us because of our long history of collaboration, extensive product catalog, and technical knowledge. If you need hermetic packaging, choose Hermetix and see for yourself the exciting market and sales potential we provide.

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