Hengli’s MEG Ethylene Glycol: A High-Quality Material for Diverse Applications

MEG ethylene glycol is a colorless and odorless toxic liquid used in many industrial manufacturing processes because of its superior properties. Hengli’s advanced manufacturing processes and premium quality standards ensure the stability and high performance of its MEG ethylene glycol product.

Introduction of Hengli’s MEG Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol solvent is widely used in diverse industries, from antifreeze to polyester fibers to manufacturing paints, plasticizers, and resins. It has a high boiling point and low vapor pressure, making it a suitable heat transfer fluid for refrigeration, air conditioning systems, and solar power plants.

Moreover, the MEG ethylene glycol can be insoluble with water in any proportion, allowing for its effective use in hydraulic fluids to reduce evaporation, improve lubrication, and prevent rust. In addition, its highly stable nature makes it a preferred ingredient in oil and gas drilling fluid additives to enhance fluidity and reduce friction.

Low-quality impure MEG ethylene glycol containing impurities such as iron can be yellow or brown in color. However, Hengli’s MEG ethylene glycol is superior in quality, free of impurities, and stable, ensuring optimal performance in various industrial uses.


Hengli’s MEG ethylene glycol is a high-quality material suitable for various industrial applications such as antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, drilling fluid additives, and much more. It provides superior performance, stability, and reliability, making it a preferred choice for industries. With Hengli’s advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality standards, you can be sure of the consistent quality of this high-performance industrial liquid.

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