Fixing Your Desk Job Posture: Practical Tips for Better Alignment

Technology has influenced so many aspects of our lives, and it also created much more jobs. Now, the bad thing is that for most people, that means they have to sit at a desk for most of their working hours, which could have bad effects on their health. There are many health issues closely connected with sitting for longer periods, but among the most common ones are back and posture issues. Luckily, that doesn’t mean we cannot do something about that, and these tips should be of much help.

More movement

Yes, sitting at the desk for hours without standing up or doing anything physical can only do harm to your body and posture, but there are some things that you can do to prevent back and posture issues. The best thing is to introduce more movement while at work. It doesn’t matter if it is just ten minutes of stretching or simply walking to get a coffee – the more movement there is, the better you will feel.

Certain types of exercises can also be beneficial, like chin tucks, chest stretches, and shoulder rolls. These are simple yet highly effective exercises that can do wonders for your overall well-being. On the other hand, don’t look at these exercises as a substitute for regular working out, as their purpose is to make your posture better while at work.

Proper desk height

People often overlook the importance of picking the right position while sitting, and even when they think about it, they often neglect certain aspects. Yes, the position and height of our chair are important, but the desk height is also something we should think about in advance. Namely, if the desk is not positioned so that we can easily complete our daily tasks, then even picking the most comfortable chair would be for nothing. The height of the desk plays a huge role here, and many companies are now at least considering buying standing desks for their employees as they have proven to be a much better solution. The benefits are much greater, and you will feel much better working at a standing desk.

Neutral body positioning

There is a ton of advice regarding how one should align their body for both while walking and sitting. Now, the good thing is that there is one simple rule that can do wonders for your posture. Namely, regardless of how much time one spends sitting at the desk, the goal is to align hips, shoulders, and ears. By doing so, you will prevent any type of pain, discomfort, or health issues related to sitting for longer periods.

Another good tip is to keep the feet flat while sitting, as it all starts from the position of our feet, especially our posture. When we sit like that, it reduces the stress on our back and helps us maintain good posture. Overall, if we take better care of our body alignment while sitting, we can do much to prevent any kind of problems with our back or posture.


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