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Experience Longevity and Performance with Techking Block Tires

Are you in search of block tires that deliver exceptional longevity and performance? Look no further than Techking Block Tires, designed to elevate your driving experience. The PROADT is a classic manifestation of their block tires. Let’s explore the features that make Techking’s PROADT the perfect choice for durability and performance.

Big Block Design for Increased Contact Area

Techking Block Tires PROADT are equipped with a unique big block design, ensuring a larger contact area from top to bottom, even after wearing. This design feature enhances the tire’s service life, providing extended tread life and improved traction. With Techking’s PROADT, you can confidently tackle any road or terrain, knowing that your tires will last longer and maintain optimal performance.

Anti-crack Sidewall Compound

Techking Block Tires incorporate an advanced anti-crack sidewall compound, specifically formulated to offer higher aging resistance performance. This compound reduces the occurrence of sidewall cracks, providing better protection and increased durability. Whether you’re facing rough roads or encountering obstacles, Techking’s PROADT ensure your sidewalls are resilient and capable of withstanding the challenges of the road.

The Right Tire for the Right Application

Depending on the occasion and customer needs, Techking follows the “SRETO” process, Techking aims to recommend the most suitable tire solution for their clients. Whether it is Block Tires, or other tires, this is the first step to help the client reduce the total cost of ownership and improve operational efficiency. Therefore, if you are interested in this PROADT tire, you can contact Techking for a customized tire solution.


In conclusion, Techking’s PROADT are the ideal choice for drivers seeking longevity and top-notch performance. Techking Block Tires guarantee exceptional performance in all driving conditions, giving you the confidence to conquer any road or terrain. .

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