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Experience Comfort and Convenience with Horow T20Y

In today’s fast-paced world, technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives, even the most unexpected ones. Enter the era of intelligent toilets, where comfort and convenience blend seamlessly with cutting-edge technology. Horow, a pioneer in bathroom innovation, brings you the Horow T20Y, a marvel of modern engineering designed to transform your bathroom experience.

Elevate Your Comfort with Warm Seat Technology

Gone are the days of sitting on chilly toilet seats during cold mornings. With the Horow T20Y, you can bid farewell to discomfort with its warm seat feature. Imagine stepping into your bathroom and being greeted by a luxuriously heated seat, tailored to your preferred temperature. Say hello to ultimate comfort and relaxation with every use.

Effortless Cleaning with Smart Bidet Functions

Experience the epitome of cleanliness with the Horow T20Y’s smart bidet functions. Featuring customizable water pressure and nozzle positions, it ensures a thorough and hygienic cleaning experience every time. Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and embrace the eco-friendly alternative offered by intelligent toilets.

Stay Fresh with Deodorizing Technology

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors with the Horow T20Y’s built-in deodorizing technology. Utilizing advanced filtration systems, it neutralizes odors at the source, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean after every use. Enjoy a revitalizing and odor-free environment, enhancing your overall bathroom experience.


Innovation meets functionality with the Horow T20Y, revolutionizing the way you perceive bathroom technology. From its warm seat comfort to customizable bidet functions and advanced deodorizing technology, it offers unparalleled comfort and convenience with every use. Elevate your bathroom experience and indulge in luxury with the Horow T20Y. Say hello to a new era of intelligent living.

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