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Expecting More Than A Barcode Scanner from UROVO

How has technology altered the world? How does it make our lives better? We want things to be simpler and to do more for ourselves. And on occasion, those two goals coincide. This is what UROVO is attempting to achieve; in the future, a handheld device will be used for barcode scanning, RFID label reading, and information provision.

What is QR, and how can shops benefit from QR?

The QR code is a specific class of 2D barcode that programs may scan. The code produces data about the item it is attached to when observed. Businesses have been utilizing QR codes to help customers find specific products in their stores for a long time. The codes are tiny images a barcode reader can read to get data about the item. Customers can also quickly access product information and purchase alternatives by using QR codes.

Why Choose UROVO’s handheld RFID reader

The UROVO DT50(U) can be suitable if you need a long-range RFID tag reader that reads tags in batches. The integrated 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna of the DT50U, an exceptional handheld RFID reader, can cover a more comprehensive scanning range and enable speedy reading of numerous RFID labels within 20m while reading labels smoothly. The DT50U has a patented professional code scanning module that can read common one- and two-dimensional, defaced, outdated, worn-out, and other aberrant codes.

A brief overview of the UROVO firm

UROVO is a business that specializes in giving you access to cutting-edge technologies. They provide various goods, including pos terminal machine, handheld RFID readers, computers, healthcare equipment, and mobile printers. UROVO, established in 2006, is the top supplier of mobile application solutions worldwide. It employs over 1200 people, has over 10 subsidiaries, and operates in more than 100 nations and areas. The firm’s primary business activities include designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing intelligent data terminals, payment terminals, and specialized printers. It is one of the first businesses in China to concentrate on the R&D of goods for mobile industrial applications.


Urovo offers digital solutions based on intelligent terminals for clients in logistics, retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, transportation, and other sectors. The company is grounded on core technology and focused on cutting-edge applications in the market. Go no further than UROVO if you’re looking for top-notch digital solutions at incredible pricing!

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