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The Bermuda Triangle, also known as “Devil’s Triangle”, is a famous geographic spot in the Atlantic Ocean’s western part. This location is well-known for mysterious disappearances and the loss of many ships and aircraft.

Bermuda Triangle is more precisely named because of its unique shape. It is believed that strange things have been reported to be occurring in this area. The Bermuda Triangle is a triangle shaped area that lies between three regions: Puerto Rico, Florida, Bermuda.

There are a few other pairs of triangles that have mysterious occurrences, aside from Bermuda Triangle. These places are known by their mysterious names:

Bridgewater Triangle

Bennington Triangle

Dragon’s Triangle

Michigan Triangle

Matlock Triangle

These areas and places, which also cover triangular shapes on ground and sky, like the Bermuda Triangle are quite bizarre and unusual. We will be discussing some facts about Bermuda Triangle in this article.

Bermuda Triangle-Name of A Mystery

Vincent Gaddis, a writer who published an article in Argosy in 1964, was the first to use the term “Bermuda Triangle”.

Vincent Gaddis was not the first to name Bermuda triangle. However, it gained popularity after almost a decade of being used by Charles Berlitz, a writer.

Charles Berlitz’ 1974 book, “The Bermuda Triangle”, was the catalyst that gave rise to the popularity and recognition of this term. The book described some of the mysteries surrounding the triangle, and claimed that some locations in Atlantis were true.

Charles Berlitz’s book was widely read, and many other researchers and writers copied his work to write about the bizarre Bermuda Triangle.

There have been hundreds of thousands written about the Bermuda Triangle over the years. Some are still a mystery to the human race, while others are fabricated using false clues and patterns in order to gain quick fame.

The Bermuda Triangle’s Famous Theories

Many scientists and researchers have been fascinated by mysterious disappearances and strange occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists are trying to discover a reason for the bizarre and unannounced mishaps that occur to aircrafts and ships traveling through this area.

Scientists are often unable to support their theories with facts. These are some of the most famous theories:

Methane gas:

One theory suggests that large amounts of methane gas may cause an aircraft to crash or sink, before crew members can make contact with the radio.


Although this theory sounds like fiction, it suggests the possibility of a time-altering portal at the spot that results in bizarre and untimely occurrences.

Electromagnet Field

The Bermuda Triangle is one the few spots on the Earth’s surface that can interfere with the Earth’s natural electromagnet fields. These errors could have led to aircraft and ships malfunctioning, according to one theory.

These theories aside, there are other interesting things about the Triangle, such as this dialogue and narrative essay “The most significant issues in that area usually are hurricanes but it’s certainly not a spawning place for storms,” stated Dave Feit, Marine Prediction Centre.

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