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The ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath: Redefining Urological Procedures

ClearPetra is a novel ureteral access sheath that improves stone removal efficiency and safety. This unique technology has many characteristics that can improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

Streamlining Stone Removal

One of the key advantages of the ClearPetra ureteral access sheath is its ability to eliminate the need for additional accessory devices during stone removal procedures. Traditional methods often require the use of a stone basket, forceps, and an anti-retropulsion device to capture and extract stone fragments. However, with the ClearPetra ureteral access sheath, these accessory devices are no longer necessary, as the stone fragments are aspirated out spontaneously.

Effective Aspiration and Vortex Management

The ClearPetra ureteral access sheath is engineered to create a vortex through continuous irrigation and aspiration. This mechanism ensures that the irrigation fluid, stone fragments, dust, and blood can be effectively aspirated out, maintaining optimal intra-luminal conditions. Additionally, the aspiration pressure can be adjusted by the pressure vent on the oblique side branch of the ClearPetra sheath, allowing healthcare professionals to precisely control the suction force.

Maintaining Optimal Intra-Luminal Conditions

The continuous irrigation and aspiration process of the ClearPetra ureteral access sheath helps to consistently maintain low intra-renal pressure and temperature. This is a crucial feature, as it helps to minimize the risk of complications and thermal damage, which can occur during traditional stone removal procedures.

Seamless Integration and Improved Accessibility

The ClearPetra ureteral access sheath is compatible with a wide range of existing urological procedures, including percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and ureteroscopy. This seamless integration enables healthcare professionals to incorporate the ClearPetra sheath into their established workflows, without the need for significant changes or additional training. Additionally, the transparent material of the ClearPetra sheath provides enhanced visualization of the surgical site, aiding in accurate navigation and effective targeting of stone fragments.


Urological care has advanced with the ClearPetra Ureteral Access Sheath. The ClearPetra sheath improves stone removal efficiency and safety by simplifying stone removal, improving intra-luminal control and evacuation, and preserving ideal conditions. Since ClearPetra is adaptable and inventive, it could revolutionize stone management in modern urology.

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