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Redefining Convenience: Horow’s Smart Toilet Revolution with the HOROW T05

In the evolving landscape of bathroom technology, Horow stands at the forefront, introducing the HOROW T05—a smart toilet that seamlessly blends innovation with ease. They have harnessed cutting-edge features to redefine the user experience, focusing on hands-free operation and an odor-free environment for a truly elevated bathroom encounter.

Hand-Free Operation: A Touch of Modernity

The HOROW T05 introduces a new era of hands-free operation, providing users with two convenient options. Whether it’s the automatic opening and closing through the auto function or the hygienic foot touch option, they have prioritized ease of use. Additionally, the inclusion of an easy-to-use remote further enhances the effortless operation of this smart toilet. Horow understands the value of convenience and has seamlessly integrated it into the very core of the HOROW T05.

Odor-Free Experience: A Breath of Fresh Air

Horow recognizes that a pleasant bathroom experience goes beyond just functionality. The HOROW T05 ensures an odor-free environment with its automatic deodorizer, eliminating the need for activated carbon. They have ingeniously integrated technology that not only masks but eradicates unwanted odors, providing users with a continuous supply of fresh air. This thoughtful feature enhances the overall bathroom experience, contributing to a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Elevating Hygiene Standards

Beyond convenience and freshness, the HOROW T05 prioritizes hygiene. The hands-free operation minimizes physical contact, reducing the risk of germs and bacteria spread. The automatic deodorizer, combined with the efficient flushing system, ensures optimal cleanliness. They have successfully woven together features that not only make the bathroom experience convenient but also elevate hygiene standards, aligning with the modern user’s expectations.


Horow’s commitment to redefining bathroom experiences shines through with the HOROW T05. With a focus on hand-free operation and an odor-free environment, they have seamlessly integrated technology into everyday routines. Step into the future of bathroom fixtures with Horow and embrace the convenience, hygiene, and freshness offered by the HOROW T05—a testament to their dedication to enhancing the modern bathroom experience.

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