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Best DMCA-Ignored Video Hosting Provider

Hey!! Do you want to create your own DMCA-ignored video streaming site where you can upload any content without restriction? If so, you’re at your best because we were in the same search as you.

After analyzing hundreds of companies, our team landed on QloudHost, a DMCA-ignored video hosting service provider’s site. We found very attractive features at very affordable rates! !

We want to clarify that QloudHost claims it is an offshore video hosting provider. However, there are no technical differences between offshore hosting and DMCA-ignored hosting service providers. So make sure not to get confused! !

Let’s get on with it! !

About QloudHost DMCA Ignored video hosting

QloudHost was established to provide hosting services that respect privacy and freedom of speech. They have installed the best security features on their servers, including firewalls and Anti-DDoS. !

QloudHost also ensures anonymity on the internet. You may still argue for the proof! We have provided the following section with the results of the tests we conducted using the services.

Analyze and Test

We have already told you! This section will cover the results of our tests while analysing its services. We recommend that you carefully read this section to get a complete understanding of the service’s quality.

User Interface and Ease of use

Its website interface was the first thing that caught our attention upon landing. This is because it’s well-labelled and very elegant.

QloudHost also allows you to use any control panel available on the market to manage your website. DirectAdmin is our preferred control panel. They are more intuitive than any other.

QloudHost uptime test

The user interface does not affect performance, but uptime does! We also ran an uptime test. You can read more about it in this section. Let’s start by understanding how our website is up-time.

Uptime is basically a measure of the website’s availability. If you choose the annual plan, 100% means that your website will be available for all time. It doesn’t actually happen, because uptime for any server is dependent on many factors.

Let’s now get to the test results! These were quite pleasing results. As you can see, we achieved 100% uptime and an average response time (859ms)

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